Zero CostCredit Card Processing

Zero-Cost Credit

Accept Credit Cards for 0%

Charge $100, Receive $100

Send us a copy of your Credit Card Statement to provide you an instant calculated TOTAL SAVINGS


New rules allow merchants to add a fee for the use of credit cards. (Available in all states except: Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Maine, Massachusetts, Maine) Special restrictions apply to Texas and New York

Our Team provides your business with the following:

  • Complete each registration on your behalf
  • Month to Month Contract with No Setup Fees
  • Free Equipment
  • No lease contract
  • All necessary signage and decals for your counter top, window and door entrance
  • Review your merchant statement an set your account with the right parameters
  • A patent software on terminal that processes the itemized fee and purchase amount on one transaction receipt
  • A terminal and virtual terminal that detects card type automatically