B2B InterchangeOptimization

B2B Interchange Optimization

Purchasing & corporate card payment data made cheaper, way cheaper.

We save our clients on average between .3%-1% per transaction. Best of all, the app is free for the first 30 days on newly boarded accounts!


Did you know that Purchasing and Corporate cards are eligible for significant savings when processed with the optional enhanced level II and level III data?

How it all works

If you are B2B company and you are taking purchasing & corporate credit cards, Unfortunately, there is a high probability you are set up like a retail store and not a wholesale B2B organization! If this is the case, don’t fret. It was probably not a nefarious act taken by your processor or the agent, they just simply don’t have access to the B2B Interchange Optimizer App. In fact, we represent the only processor in the USA with this tool.

Our proprietary B2B Interchange Optimizer App boasts the technology to accept corporate credit cards without paying the exorbitant interchange fees pushed down by the card brands.

Visa and Mastercard make special pricing provisions for B2B companies who provide the preferred data fields for LEVEL II & LEVEL III debit and credit card transactions. By collecting more data on each of these transactions, the risk and liability goes down, so the business is rewarded with a cheaper rate.

Our proprietary technology identifies the proper data fields necessary to meet the preferred Interchange categories for all major card brands with no additional prompts or data for the business to enter.


With the B2B Interchange Optimizer App, you can be confident that when you accept payments they are qualifying at the lowest possible rate. This B2B solution will leave you with a larger bottom line, without any new expenses.