Cash DiscountProcessing

Offset Your Credit Card Processing Costs Through Cash Discount Program!

Do you want to save credit card fee?

Tired of those processing costs?

Want to grow your business?

Cash Discount Program is the solution!

You can find that there is a paradigm shift in the credit card processing industry of late. Merchants are now providing cash discount programs that have come as a boon to businesses. Through this program, you can, in fact, save up to 90% of credit card processing fees. Doesn't it sound exciting?

What is this Cash discount program all about?

This new technology helps you offset your credit card processing fee by charging a small service fee to each of your customers who do not make cash payment. This is a simple procedure wherein you can choose Terminal/ POS cash discount technology while also being able to choose service fee. Get set to go on a pre-programmed technology.

Benefits Of Cash Discount Program

Great Savings

Credit Card processing fees cost a fortune each year. Through cash discount program, you are passing on this fee to your customers in the form of service fee, so you are able to make huge savings here! Sounds interesting? Enhance your profits without raising your prices!

Increase Loyalty

You are charging service fee to only customers paying through a non- cash method. Cash paying customers are given a discount, thus you can look forward to see them again!

Ease Of Automation

Everything is pre-programmed for you, so you have no additional calculations to do! You just need to post the signage.

With this system, you can process all types of cards, EMV chips and mobile wallets. A good merchant will provide you with all hardware, signs, support and training required to get used to the system. PayLo is one such revolutionary program from Keep Your. Money that helps you save more and get an easy system in place!

Join the revolution today!!